H1Z1 and Planetside 2 getting weather

1 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
H1Z1 and Planetside 2 getting weatherh1z1

SOE has already teased weather in some of the footage but now snow is confirmed with weather also coming to in the future.

In a Tweet this evening from SOE’s John Smedley, he revealed an H1Z1 image of an under dressed character standing in snow. It’s too hard to tell if he’s shivering but we’ll assume that he is.


Perfect attire for a night out in Newcastle.

Smedley also confirmed that weather will be released in Planetside and it will not be purely cosmetic in both games adding “actually we are going to make it so the elements matter.”

How snow will matter remains to be seen but perhaps it would slow movement, block roads or make it easier to track other player and creatures. No doubt we’ll hear more in this in the coming days.


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