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Grim Dawn reveals skill modifiers called Transmuters

7 Jul 2014 by Paul Younger
Grim Dawn reveals skill modifiers called TransmutersGrim Dawn Mountain Deeps 1

Grim Dawn Mountain Deeps 1

Crate Entertainment continue to tweak and enhance their ARPG with new features, the latest being Transmuters.

Along with the standard Active, Passive and Modifier skills, this new feature called Transmuters are a “special class” of Modifiers which don’t provide any obvious gain in power. Crate explain:

Transmuters are a special class of Modifiers as they do not represent an obvious gain in power. Instead, they provide interesting trade-offs that can dramatically alter the way you use the skill. The goal for this fun new addition is to provide even more interesting build possibilities as well as to give players with even more flexibility as to how they use certain skills. Each Mastery will feature 3-4 such Transmuters.

Crate has provided a few examples of how these will work with current skills and looking at how they change the skills it’s a really neat way to tweak a build slightly without having to completly change it.

The Transmuters are being added the upcoming Build 20 which will probably be near the end of the month.

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