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Bundle Stars’ Scorched Bundle offers spies, devils, and gods

15 Jul 2014 by Tim McDonald
Bundle Stars’ Scorched Bundle offers spies, devils, and gods


Hooray for bundles which actually offers some half-decent games for cheap – which is exactly what are throwing out in their latest deal.

Bundle Stars’ Scorched Bundle offers 14 Steam games for… well, at the time of writing, €3.59. Point-and-clicker is probably one of the bigger titles there, although there’s plenty more of at least some interest. Skyward Collapse Complete is a god/strategy game that has you simultaneously guide two warring sides, trying to encourage the conflict while keeping either side from claiming victory. Fortix is Qix. The 39 Steps is an interactive adaptation of the highly-acclaimed novel. Little Divil is an ancient compilation of rock-hard minigames that have you journeying through a dungeon in an attempt to find and retrieve the Pizza of Plenty.

You’ve also got Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut, No Time to Explain, iBomber Attack, Ignite, Clones, LightfishCrystals of Time, NPPD Rush: The Milk of Ultraviolet, and Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection. So basically, that €3.59 gets you point-and-clicking, strategy, stories, puzzles, shooters, racing, and plenty more. It’s a mixed bag, but for the price, I’d imagine there’ll be one or two things in there to tempt you.

If you fancy picking it up, you can do so over here.

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