Team 17 get Sheltered from a post-apocalyptic wasteland

30 Jun 2014  by   Tim McDonald
Sheltered - 01
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Sheltered - 01

Team 17 have announced that they’ve partnered with Unicube to release post-apocalyptic strategy survival game Sheltered.

Sheltered puts players in the role of a family – a father, a mother, a daughter, and a son – living in an underground bunker in a post-apocalyptic world. You’ll have to make repair your systems and make supply runs in the desolate world, and leaving your shelter means dealing with the radiation of the outside world, coming face-to-snout with irradiated beasties, and confronting the remaining fragments of humanity. You’ll have to deal with mental issues, from claustrophobia to trauma, and you’ll have to make moral decisions regarding other survivors. Do you let a woman with a baby stay for a day, or is the risk simply too high? Up to you.

Which all sounds fascinating, frankly. Apparently, Team 17 managed to pick up the game as part of their indie partnership/publishing programme rather quickly – within 48 hours of first seeing the game, according to managing director Debbie Bestwick – so they clearly think they’re onto something special, and judging from what’s above, they might not be wrong. Sheltered is still on Kickstarter, so you can still back it if you so desire, with £4 netting you a copy of the game.

Sheltered is due out in 2015. Screens below.

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