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Star Citizen Arena Commander patched with improvements

13 Jun 2014 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen Arena Commander patched with improvementsStar Citizen

Star Citizen
Cloud Imperium has patched up Arena Commander today as they slowly but surely get ready to roll out more multiplayer slots.

As it stands currently, the vast majority of players can not go head to head but instead have to battle against AI Vanduul ships in waves. This is entertaining for a few rounds but gets tedious quite quickly. The plan is to add more players to the mulruplayer pool as they fire up more servers and squash bugs prior to thr Arena Commander v1.0 release.

The new pacth today fixes some control issues and adds a few improvements to Arena Commander as detailed below.

  • New Features/Fixes
    • Vanduul no longer show as committing suicide when defeating them with missiles
    • Added “Invert Flight Mouse” and “Invert Flight Controller” options to game settings screen
    • Helmet animation plays when putting on the helmet now
    • Ejection now counts towards player death
    • Added an expanded X52 mapping
    • Lighting fixes for AMD machines
    • Improved Aurora mount/dismount/idle animation
    • Increased fuel tank capacity to allow for longer afterburner use
    • Improved Thruster Animations
    • Improved Holoship destruction
    • Player is now able to access the scoreboard whilst waiting on respawn
    • Improvements on overlapping ship audio SFX
    • Fixed crashes when match round ends
    • 300i seat animations now added and improved
    • Entering 300i and Aurora with your helmet now displays the HUD on the helmet
    • Removed debug text from X55 HOTAS in key binding menu
  • Known Issues
  • Hangar:
    • Buggy can only move when using boost in the business hangar
    • Audio missing from legacy Aurora control panels when sit/standing in pilot seat
    • CF-117 Badger repeater geometry becomes offset when fired from firing range
    • Red replace me ball shown beneath DFM Trainer Hornet
    • Texture z-fighting appearing in DFM Trainer Aurora cockpit
    • Third person camera view can roll using Q and E
  • Vanduul swarm
    • Aurora boost level decreases when not using boost
    • Boost level not shown while flying 300i
  • Multiplayer
    • Aurora boost level only shown as decreasing after first death
    • Other ships can appear to rotate when they actually are not
    • Scoreboard info not shown if round ends while outside of ship
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