Oculus Rift adventure The Assembly announced

12 Jun 2014 by Tim McDonald
Oculus Rift adventure The Assembly announced

the assembly

Mysterious VR-based narrative point-and-clicker has been revealed by .

The Assembly casts you as a pair of characters working in an hidden research bunker where scientists can experiment without concern for morality. It’s designed from the ground-up to work with the (and also Project Morpheus on PS4 – boo, hiss) and will apparently be as focused on exploration and investigation as it is on traditional puzzles.

As it’s only just been announced, there aren’t too many concrete details on the sort of thing we can expect. You can have a look at an oh-so-mysterious trailer below, although I suspect it’ll raise more questions than it’ll answer.

The Assembly currently has no release date, but we’ll let you know more as we hear more.

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