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Mysterious Team Fortress 2 clock – Half Loaf 3 confirmed!

17 Jun 2014 by Paul Younger
Mysterious Team Fortress 2 clock – Half Loaf 3 confirmed!Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Last night a countdown clock surfaced on the site but what could it mean?

Everyone loves a ticking clock, it gets the community talking, but that’s not all that’s popped up. Bread has now started to appear as drops when using a teleporter. The bread does absolutely nothing at this point so it’s a little odd to say the least but it could be tied to this countdown clock in some way. There are different types of bread too but how this ties into the clock at the moment is unknown.

The community has been digging into the html on the page and the general consensus is that a game update will be teased from later today with some sort of actual release at the end of the week.

This looks like another Valve ARG of some sort but we’re convinced that Half Loaf 3 will be announced when that clock hits zero.

Thanks Valvetime.

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