Limbo follow-up Inside probably coming to PC

9 Jun 2014 by Peter Parrish
Limbo follow-up Inside probably coming to PC
inside (1)

What’s going on through there?

One of the tricks of E3 is picking through the semantics of what’s said on stage. When Phil Spencer says Limbo follow-up will “debut on Xbox,” to me that says it’ll end up as a cross-platform game. And since brought Limbo to PC, it seems likely Inside will be making it to our platform as well.

Playdead’s official site also uses the “debut on” terminology.

The game was shown as part of Microsoft’s E3 conference this morning and it definitely shared a thing or two with its predecessor. A young boy was running through stylishly lit buildings, avoiding dangerous circumstances in a side-scrolling kinda way. This has a bit of an Another World look to it, and a touch of the contemporary world. Office workers were marching in dystopian fashion.

Hard to say what all of that means at this point, but more Playdead titles are always welcome. See what Inside offered in its trailer, below.

“Early 2015″ is the rough release date for this one.

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