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Latest Arkham Knight release date clue puts it in February

23 Jun 2014 by Peter Parrish
Latest Arkham Knight release date clue puts it in February
batman arkham knight (1)

No matter the traffic, Batman will be showing up at some point in 2015.

The release date is proving trickier to locate than Bruce Wayne during a Gotham crisis. Initially, the game was due towards the end of this year (November-ish,) but was pushed to an unspecified time in 2015 just before E3.

Last week, Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy gave an interview suggesting the new release date would be in January. And he should really know, since he’s Batman.

Now Microsoft are getting involved, suggesting a release date of 24 February for Arkham Knight on their Xbox One store page. Credit to NeoGaf for noticing the Bat-signal on that one.

Of course, 24 February is also the release date for . Putting a pair of heavyweight titles up against one another doesn’t seem all that strange, until you remember that . is publishing Witcher 3 in certain territories and Arkham Knight in all of them. I’m not publisher marketing schedules designer man, but it would seem a bit odd to unnecessarily put those two against one another.

So, that leaves us with the possibility that Warner has an amazing strategy that I can’t figure out, or that Microsoft’s date is a place-holder of some kind. I’d be inclined to think the latter, were it not for Conroy’s previous mention of an early 2015 release.

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