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IncGamers Podcast #169

20 Jun 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast #169podcast 169

podcast 169

This week on the exceptionally well prepared IncGamers , the team reflects on England’s majestic kickball campaign. Alas, only a kiss from the Queen on the handsome cheek of Mario Balotelli can save them now.

It’s after E3, so there still isn’t a whole lot of news around. The biggest deal, in all senses, is probably the start of Steam’s Summer Sale. Trading cards, badge crafting, the whole works. Tim is on hand to let us know how much he owes Gabe Newell at this point.

Elsewhere, has found its E3 2012 graphics. Or rather a dedicated PC modder has found the switches to turn some of those graphical effects on, buried deep within Ubi’s code. Is this a massive conspiracy to make the PC version looks worse than it needs to when compared with the PS4/Xbone versions? We have no evidence either way, so obviously that’s cause to discuss it.

While we’re on the subject of , the podcast team also makes an ill-advised detour into the “playable women in Assassin’s Creed games” debate. A debate already so toxic that we’re all probably going to die now. Thanks a lot, Ubisoft.

I think we accidentally talk about theology at some point too. That was probably a mistake as well.

Tim has been playing a bit of , while Paul’s been introducing himself to¬†ghost spiders in and I’ve been doing more loops in Grid Autosport.

Stream or download what is undoubtedly the finest to date, below. You can find slightly less shambolic editions in our archives and at iTunes too.

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