Hatoful Boyfriend remake to rustle feathers at E3

6 Jun 2014 by Peter Parrish
Hatoful Boyfriend remake to rustle feathers at E3

Damn right.

Well, my most anticipated game just became a pigeon dating sim. The revered and respected (right?) , a moving tale of a one lone human’s romantic struggles in a school full of birds, is getting a remake courtesy of and the lovely people at .

Hatoful Boyfriend was originally a 2011 Japanese visual novel by Hato Moa, but has had unofficial English translations over the years thanks to how god damn amazing it is.

Our research shows that consumer fatigue for space marines and dragons is at an all-time high – gamers are ready for something new and fresh,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Semi-realistic pigeon dating simulations are the next great frontier in video games.”

I unironically agree with everything that fictional CFO just said.

Hatoful Boyfriend is playable at E3 but only “by appointment only.” As it should be. It’ll launch later this summer through , GOG, Humble and probably others as well. Please enjoy these marvellous additional images of bird schooling.





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