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Europa Universalis IV getting mini-expansion Res Publica

17 Jun 2014 by Tim McDonald
Europa Universalis IV getting mini-expansion Res Publica


Paradox have announced a “mini-expansion” for , titled Res Publica.

Res Publica aims to offer players new ways to manage and govern their empires. You’ll be able to grow influence with the Merchant Republic faction to get trade posts or bonuses, as well as play around with the power struggles of the Dutch Republic and their election events. You’ll be able to try the Republican Dictatorship government type, which has you deciding between increasing your power or Republic Tradition in new in-game opportunities and events. You’ll be able to back heirs in Elective Monarchies, use a National Focus bonus to boost your growth, and spend points on Administrative, Diplomatic, or Military Power.

I have no idea what any of that means, because Peter’s the one who plays Europa Universalis IV. I am nonetheless hopeful that it made some sort of sense to you.

is due out this summer.

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