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Dark Souls 2 PC patch 1.03 will fix binoculars speed glitch

4 Jun 2014 by Peter Parrish
Dark Souls 2 PC patch 1.03 will fix binoculars speed glitch
dark souls 2 pc

Yay, more patching.

There’s word from the Japanese Dark Souls 2 site that the game will soon be getting a new patch to fix a couple of glitches. Thanks to a combination of Google’s vague translation skills and this Reddit post, it can be confirmed that Patch v1.03 for the PC (1.05 on consoles) will remove the binoculars speed-up bug and the “Parrywalking” floating one.

Or, as Google translation has it “Modification of the phenomenon that she can move at high speed” and “Modification of the phenomenon that she can move floating in the air.”

Personally I find that more poetic.

The release date for this patch is listed as “pending official release,” and there may be more changes to come. Those two glitch fixes could just be the highlights. This patch shouldn’t be confused with the 1.06 Calibrations update issued earlier in the week on PC.

It’s been a busy few days for support, with today’s reveal of three upcoming ‘Lost Crown’ DLC expansions for the game thrown in the mix too.

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