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Tropico 5 launch trailer puts El Presidente back in power

23 May 2014 by Peter Parrish
Tropico 5 launch trailer puts El Presidente back in powerTropico 5


A lovely mansion is a must for any budding ruler.

Start production on the cigar factories, because is released today across digital platforms. If you want to wait for a boxed version for whatever reason, those are due to come out on 3 June.

The pair of selling points Tropico 5 is thrusting to the fore over previous incarnations relate to the progression through various ‘eras’ and inclusion of a multiplayer mode. With the former, it means you’ll be ruling your island throughout Colonial, post World War 2 and Cold War time periods. Multiplayer means both co-op and competitive options as you vie to be the ultimate El Presidente.

I’ve not played a Tropico title since 3, but with the expansion that game was one of the best pseudo city builders (and weirdly funny dictator simulator) available on the PC, so the series has some strong pedigree to live up to.

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