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Star Citizen Dogfighting Module (Arena Commander) final polish approaches

2 May 2014 by Paul Younger
Star Citizen Dogfighting Module (Arena Commander) final polish approachesStar Citizen

Star Citizen

The start of the month brings another massive development update from all the different studios involved in the game’s development.

Travis Day from the Santa Monica studio shared the latest progress on the Dogfighting Module, or Arena Commander if you prefer, which will hopefully be with us soon. The team are now approaching their “branch date and code lock and move into final polish, tweaking, and bug fixing” so it’s not too far away from release.

The other teams have also been helping out with this final push of Arena Commander but they’ve also continued to work on other features such as the Planetside Module and the persistent universe at the Austin Studio, ships at the Manchester Studio, and even more on the FPS elements at [Redacted]. They’ve been a busy bunch.

The development updates are really huge so if you want read all the details then head to the monthly report which should fill you in on all the progress.


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