SOE teases H1Z1 server ruleset ideas

30 May 2014 by Paul Younger
SOE teases H1Z1 server ruleset ideasH1Z1


development appears to be moving along nicely, and while SOE are busy working away on their zombie survival title, some ideas are being passed around for servers types.

Everyone will have different needs and expectations when it comes to how they want to play the game so SOE are thinking about different rulesets for the H1Z1 servers. This is what they are proposing so far.

We’re working out ways to use our content pack system to support multiple server rulesets. Here are the ones we’re kicking around the office in discussions:

  • Hardcore ruleset. Wipes all ownership and recipes upon death.
  • PvP v. PvE
  • Military Weapons toggle
  • Guns Toggle (melee / bows only server)
  • RP Server (VOIP attracts zombies and other tidbits).
  • Worldchat v. Area Chat
  • Hardcore ruleset 2. Starvation! (Food / Water consumption much higher).
  • Hardcore ruleset 3. Zombies / wolves deadlier / faster / hardier.
  • Base destructibility (easy, hard, not at all)

The details are still sketchy on what each set could fully contain but it’s nice to see they’re trying to cover most bases. A Bows only server could be amusing but I bet the Hardcore ruleset will prove the most popular due to the nature of the survival game.

If you missed last night’s gameplay stream then watch it below.

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