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Red Dead Redemption’s PC “Windows Compatibility” listing seems highly dubious

12 May 2014  by   Peter Parrish
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red dead redemption

I seriously doubt it.

Amazingly, today’s Rockstar PC port rumour isn’t about Grand Theft Auto V. Instead, it’s about their western-themed Red Dead Redemption, which sadly never made it to the PC. The persistent received wisdom about the title is that it went through such a difficult development process that the code is in quite a bad state, meaning no PC version is ever likely.

Four years later I’m inclined to still follow that view, but there is a Red Dead Redemption PC link going around that needs addressing. It started on NeoGaf, where somebody noticed a listing for Red Dead Redemption in the Windows Compatibility Center. The site identifies itself as a place “to help you easily identify what will or won’t work with various versions of Windows.”

Supposedly, in order to get your title or hardware listed on the site, you need to be one of the following:

  • Be a representative of the software publisher or device manufacturer
  • Know the current compatibility status with Windows 8, Windows RT and/or Windows 7 for the product you are submitting.
  • Provide complete information we can verify (please use your corporate email address in the registration step).

However, as the NeoGaf thread posters have pointed out, the same site seems to have a bunch of Windows 8 appstore Mario clones listed. That doesn’t speak to a tremendous level of quality control. There’s also the fact that Red Dead Redemption’s alleged entry isn’t even capitalised properly.

Nonetheless, we’ve tried to get in contact with Rockstar to ask about this. They’re Rockstar so they probably won’t bother replying, but if they do we’ll put the inevitable denial up for you to read.

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    this would amazing if meant this game was coming to the PC, though I have serious doubts, I mean why wait so long and release it now? it makes no sense

    May 14, 2014 at 1:29 am

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