Plants vs Zombies free on Origin

9 May 2014 by Tim McDonald
Plants vs Zombies free on Origin

plants vs zombies

If you’re one of the seven people who doesn’t already own , you can fix that problem for free.

Popcap’s seminal tower/lane defence game – which is, honestly, one of the best there is – is free on until 28 May, giving you a saving of a whopping £4.25. Yes, alright, so it doesn’t sound like much when I put it like that, but you’re nonetheless getting a fantastically designed and incredibly playable game for the price of fresh air. This does admittedly require you to have an account, but Plants vs Zombies isn’t actually a bad way of convincing those seven people to pick it up.

Plants vs Zombies: Game of the Year Edition is free on Origin until 28 May. The link posted is the UK one so it may or may not work for you, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find the deal from your Origin storefront.

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