Outcast Kickstarter falls short but funding will continue

8 May 2014 by Paul Younger
Outcast Kickstarter falls short but funding will continue


Rebooted games are all the rage these days but is actually one title that deserved to make its Kickstarter goal. This evening the Kickstarter closed out at $268,964 which is quite short of the $600,000 goal.

So what now for the game and the team? Like most first timers of Kickstarter the team felt they undelivered on content updates for backers and also how they presented the concept of the reboot to fans.

Having played the original extensively when it was released back in 1999 I knew exactly what to expect. However, there’s now a new generation of PC gamers who have probably never event heard of Outcast, Cutter Slade and are now so used to open world games the whole concept is not a big deal. Back in the good old days Outcast was a breath of fresh air and it looked great at the time to on our slow and clunky PCs.

It sounds like this is not the end of the journey for   which is good news for backers and anyone who forgot to back it or had never heard of it. The final update reads:

“Thanks to your commitment and the overall feedback we received, we truly believe, more than ever, that this project deserves to be done and we are more than eager to make it happen. Will it be through another Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform, paypal, private investment, some bank loans, public support, distributor deals or a mix of all that, we will see.”

We want to see it happen so rest assured we’ll continue to keep readers updated on any future plans.


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