IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #164

7 May 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #164podcast 164

podcast 164

Hello happy PC users, welcome to the happy and cheerful IncGamers . Tim has promised to be nice to everybody this week, so the number of people insulted is dramatically reduced from normal levels. He’ll be back to his usual self next week though, I’m sure.

Also happy are the legal teams of and who have a tousle over the matter of who owned John Carmack’s brain and when to occupy themselves with. is happy too, because he’s being paid lots of money to have his face in , which, let’s be honest, is probably quite easy work for the cash.

No-One Lives Forever fans may soon be happy if Night Dive manage to figure out who owns the license and re-issue the games on GOG, and CCP Games are happy with the PC again. Happy enough to launch on it, anyway.

The people who backed may not be so happy, but project lead Brad McQuaid is because he was able to pay himself almost $50k from the crowdfunded MMOs diminishing pot of money.

Paul’s been developing MOBA-rage thanks to (not the game so much, just the players,) while I’ve been building sewers for advanced civilisations in Endless Legend. There may be a small amount of Dark Souls 2 chat too.

Listen to or view the podcast below using whichever bodily appendage is most appropriate. You can hear more podcast episodes in the bountiful IncGamers archives of joy, and get some at iTunes as well.

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