IncGamers Plays State of Decay Lifeline

29 May 2014 by Peter Parrish
IncGamers Plays State of Decay Lifeline
State of Decay Lifeline

Guys, I think the helicopter is a bust.

Some damn fool has put me in charge of a military unit in ’s Lifeline DLC, with predictably awful results. Undead Lab’s latest add-on is due out on Friday 30 May, so while I work on the full written review here’s a short video taste of what Lifeline has to offer.

This DLC takes place on a brand new map, the metropolitan city of Danforth, which has (predictably) been pretty much over-run by zombies. The military has pulled out of the area, unable to contain the threat. However, your unit remains behind with orders to extract valuable people. That’s all very well, but every time the helicopter comes back to pick up another survivor, it lures a bunch of zombies to the military compound and puts it under siege.

Like previous State of Decay releases, Lifeline prods and pulls you all over the place as you attempt to prioritise your tasks and prevent everything falling apart. You need to stay on your primary mission, but it’s also vital to make sure there are enough supplies to keep the base going.

In this video, I go over the main new features in Lifeline (new map, car storage, additional buildings for the base) and do my best to rescue a person of importance from a zombie-infested neighbourhood. Watch in 720p for the clearest results.

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