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Grim Dawn rogue-like dungeons revealed

13 May 2014 by Paul Younger
Grim Dawn rogue-like dungeons revealed
The Dawn Gates of Anguish keep you trapped.
Grim Dawn Gates of Anguish

from Crate Entertainment will be getting a new feature in the form of rogue-like dungeons according to the latest info just sent over by the team.

These special challenge dungeons will see players being sealed into a dungeon and all riftgates will be disabled so there’s no escape from the challenge. The only way to exit is to die or make it to the end of the challenge.

Grim Dawn Gates of Anguish

The Dawn Gates of Anguish keep you trapped.

The first dungeon to get the rogue-like treatment is the Steps of Torment which currently features three floors in the current version of the game. However, there are further two floors lurking beneath which will take players deeper into Arkovia’s dark past. These new levels will really test players “like nothing in Cairn has yet” according to Crate and there’s new traps and enemies to discover. The dungeon will also be randomised so the path is different each time and treasure locations will vary.

Grim Dawn Necromancer

Balvoruuk awaits

To enter the dungeon players will have to use a Skeleton Key and visit Balvoruuk and his ghostly companion outside the ruins in Old Arkovia. Once a key is acquired after completing his questline it can be used as a blueprint to create additional keys. This is the only way the Gates of Anguish can be re-opened for another dungeon run.

Grim Dawn Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key

This is a great addition to the game which is still in early access and it should offer some real variety for those who have completed the current content while the remainder of the game is developed. If your’re an ARPG fan and have not yet checked the game out then I urge you to give it a shot.

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