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Grid Autosport video showcases Endurance races

23 May 2014 by Tim McDonald
Grid Autosport video showcases Endurance races

grid autosport endurance

Another video has popped up online, this time focusing on the Endurance discipline.

Endurance races support up to 16 cars offline and 12 online, with a focus on extremely lengthy night races. Expect to be sat there for up to 40 minutes in the longest, while keeping track of your tyre wear, because that’s going to have a serious impact on your success.

Grid Autosport‘s Endurance cars are all about grip and careful driving: wear down your tyres throughout the course of the race and you’re going to have to deal with understeering or the tail swinging out, depending on whether the front or back is wearing. I think. Look, I don’t understand cars; you can go read the Codemasters blog for a lot more in the way of detail. I can at least list a few of the Endurance cars, mind, like the Mazda 787B, the Ford GT40 MK1, the McLaren 12C GT3, and the Audi R8 LMS Ultra. All of which means absolutely nothing to me, and I picked those cars pretty much at random from the list on the blog, but I’m sure it’s fantastic.

As with the Touring discipline, Grid Autosport has a video on offer with some professional drivers talking about the particularities of this racing discipline. You can see that below.

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