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Dragon Age: Inquisition snaps images of Emerald Graves and Emprise du Lion

12 May 2014 by Peter Parrish
Dragon Age: Inquisition snaps images of Emerald Graves and Emprise du Lion

A couple of Dales-based  locales have been given the screenshot treatment by . Emerald Graves and Emprise du Lion are both situated within the Dales of Orlais and linked by their Elven legacy.

Emerald Graves are said to be an ancient Elven burial ground (uh oh, nobody build any new housing there) in a forested area. Things have fallen into disrepair since they Orlesian Civil War, and deep within the woods the wildlife is teeming. You can expect to run into wolves, halla and nugs, as well as “giants, black wolves [and] great bears.” Don’t leave any tasty meat unattended if you’re camping in the forests, basically.

These images are in an odd aspect ratio for some reason, but you can see them below.

Then there’s Emprise du Lion, which is said to be a snowy highland area of the Dales. Formerly occupied by Elves, their dwellings are now in ruins. However, the natural hot springs remain and tend to attract dragons.

This time the images have a more normal resolution scale.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming to PC on 7 October this year.

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