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Diablo 3 Legendary drop rates revealed in data

4 May 2014  by   Paul Younger
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Diablo 3

Diablo 3 players have been wondering about the drop rates on Legendary items for some time and now there’s a ton of info to digest.

The data was leaked onto the Internet and the Diablo: IncGamers crew have been piecing it together with help from a community member to make it legible. What the data reveals is if the game rolls a legendary or set item for a given slot, which possible items could appear. Interesting stuff.

The data was compiled into three sections, legendary drop weighting: Normal-Master, legendary drop weighting: Torment 1-6, and Smart Loot correlation. There’s a lot to digest but it goes some way to explaining why players find the items they do when playing.

The numbers are unlikely to be final and there could be other factors that influence these numbers, but the info is still be pieced together. However, if you’re playing Diablo 3 this is must-read information.

For a full analysis and commentary on the findings head to this post in Diablo: IncGamers then follow the links through to the three sections. It’s important you read the post first to understand how the data affects the player.

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