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Crate rework Grim Dawn’s healing regen system

27 May 2014 by Paul Younger
Crate rework Grim Dawn’s healing regen system
Look! Rations!
Grim Dawn Rations

Grim Dawn Rations

Look! Rations!

Run away! Running is a great tactic in if your health is getting a bit low. The health bar would regenerate over time when out of combat which could be considered the easy way out of a nasty situation.

Crate have decided to rework the system and they are adding what they call Constitution and Rations which changes the way out of combat regen works as players were taking advantage of the system by attempting to leave the combat to regen health. Crate say the current system “crippled combat pace and the system being deemed overpowered”.

The decision has been made to give the system some “tuning”  and so there’s now Constitution which is a new resource overlayed on the health bar UI which “denotes your ability to heal rapidly”. When the out of combat regen is triggered this new resource will start to tick down and regen stops when it runs out. They do point out that regen effects from skills and and items is not affected.

Rations is the the second part of this new mechanic and Food Rations can restore the Constitution resource, you just have to hunt the rations down which can be “dropped from virtually anywhere” according to Crate.

There could be a case made for removing the regen system entirely but it does help keep the combat flowing as they point out so this new mechanic sounds like a good middle ground.

Grim Dawn is still in Early Access and you can pick it up here.

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