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Call of Duty 2014’s teaser trailer is actually interesting

1 May 2014 by Peter Parrish
Call of Duty 2014’s teaser trailer is actually interesting
call of duty 2014

I can’t see this leading to any problems.

Let’s be honest, most teasers for any game are usually a bit crap; so imagine my surprise when this one wasn’t. As you probably know by now, this year’s inevitable Call of Duty entry is being handled by . The rumour is that it’s called Call of Duty: Blacksmith, but until that’s confirmed it’s just .

Anyway, this installment looks like it’s going to be all about the wacky and not at all terrifying world of Private Military Companies (PMCs.) Those are the lovely chaps who get hired out to the highest bidder to perform unregulated operations in war zones. What could possibly go wrong? I don’t know, maybe ask Blackwater.

Interestingly, this Call of Duty (and Vice Magazine) teaser video explores PMCs as maybe not being such a great thing, and while it’s kind of bombastic at times (omg, what if the PMCs all go rogue!) does provide a modicum of ethical insight. Those are not words I’d normally associate with Call of Duty, so that’s a nice surprise.

The trailer for the actual game is said to appear on 4 May, and in the meantime you can look at this page with lots of squiggly lines on it.

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