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Unknown Worlds release first shots from new open world title Subnautica

11 Apr 2014 by Paul Younger
Unknown Worlds release first shots from new open world title SubnauticaSubnautica


There’s not been enough underwater themed games but Unknown Worlds, creators of Natural Selection,  are about to change that with . As part of their PAX reveal they released the first screenshots from what they are calling “an underwater open world adventure game”.

These screens are an early alpha version based on a few months work on the game. These shots are from from actual gameplay.

A first couple of the shots are from the shallow water in a zone they call “Safe Shallows” and it’s a fairly safe starting environment. The last shot is from deeper zone in the game world and you can see the zone is darker with less light.

The deeper area is also more hazardous with sea life that they call dangerous “Stalkers”. The underwater vehicle called the Sea Glide is also in the shot and it’s a personal underwater vehicle to help players move around quicker. The first submarine that’s been added to the game, the Cyclops, can also be seen in this screen. Players can enter the sub through an underwater hatch and then use it to move around the world.

More shots will be released over PAX on their Facebook page so keep an eye out for those because these game environments are looking gorgeous.

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