Orcs Must Die! Unchained gets a teaser trailer

11 Apr 2014 by Tim McDonald
Orcs Must Die! Unchained gets a teaser trailer

orcs must die unchained (2)

Following on from yesterday’s announcement, have released a trailer for their Orcs Must Die! MOBA.

Not too much else to report (and, indeed, you can read Peter’s story if you want to know more about the title itself) but you can get a look at it in motion below. If nothing else,  certainly looks like Orcs Must Die!.

If you want to buy in on the basis of the very little information we have, there are a variety of founders packs available. All three tiers offer a range of bonuses, but €15 will get you into the closed beta, €45 will get you early access to the alpha, and a whopping €110 will get you “direct access” to the alpha phase. Which I think means instant access. I remain unconvinced that it’s worth paying £90 to get early access to a game.

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