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Moebius: Empire Rising rises to release

15 Apr 2014 by Tim McDonald
Moebius: Empire Rising rises to release


’s Kickstarted adventure : Empire Rising is out now, and available from a variety of digital distribution networks.

Moebius is a point-and-click adventure designed and written by Jane Jensen of Sierra (and especially Gabriel Knight) fame. It puts you in the oh-so-grumpy shoes of Malachi Rector, wealthy antiques expert, who finds himself contracted by a mysterious government agency to determine if the life of a young murder victim resembles the life of any particular historical figure. Then people start trying to kill him, because – naturally – there’s more going on than is first apparent.

If you fancy picking it up, it’s apparently now available on GOG and Steam for $29.99 or £18.79 respectively. That said, Steam is currently telling me that it will be available there in three hours time, so I’m going to guess that Europeans will have to wait a few hours if they want it there.

If you don’t mind waiting, I puzzled my way through the entire thing over the weekend so my thoughts on Moebius should be up either later today or tomorrow.

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