IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #161

16 Apr 2014  by   Peter Parrish
IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #161podcast 161

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IncGamers Podcast / Vidcast #161   podcast 161

This week on the IncGamers Podcast, YOU get a Nexus 7 and YOU get a Nexus 7 and … oh, sorry, you weren’t at the Ubisoft Paris preview event for Watch Dogs, so you don’t get one. It definitely wasn’t bribery though, because of reasons.

Now that we’ve established the continued integrity of the games writing community, we can talk about what else is on the pod. A couple of large game announcements in the form of Firaxis’ not-an-Alpha-Centauri-sequel-but-kind-of Civilization Beyond Earth and SoE’s H1Z1. Paul has managed to confirm with his eyes and a livestream event that Star Citizen is a totally real game with dogfighting and Chris Roberts crashing his spaceship a lot and everything.

Sadly, as some games are born, others must die. This week CCP Games announced that their World of Darkness MMO was getting canned.

In between all of that, there’s time to discuss whether Virtual Reality is going to render television obsolete. I think we talk about Game of Thrones porn parody Game of Bones at some point as well. I’m not really sure why.

This week, I’ve been slaying Vikings and Saxons in Fatshark’s War of the Horny Hairy Blood Men Vikings, and Tim has been guiding a snarky antique dealer around Jane Jensen’s Moebius.

The usual podcast listening and viewing options await you, below. Other podcast episodes can be found in our own archives, or over at iTunes if you can figure out how that all works.

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