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GODUS gets a 2.0.4 update to improve the game again

4 Apr 2014 by Paul Younger
GODUS gets a 2.0.4 update to improve the game again

“This game will be really good one day”

22Cans has released another GODUS update on Steam which includes a new homeworld that they want players to test. In order to do that and take advantage of new features in 2.0.4, players will have to restart their homeworld and delete all saves. Not ideal but this is Early Access and that’s what happens from time to time.

Updates inĀ 2.0.4 include:

  • Brand new homeworld
  • New cards
  • Temples disappear on completion
  • Different abodes only on different ground types
  • Locking underwater sculpting
  • Added raft to events for reinforcements
  • Landscape colours updated
  • Town statue updated
  • Incomplete cards now show next to the timeline button in homeworld
  • Incomplete cards interface acts as shortcuts to timeline
  • New animations for followers
  • Brand new art and layout for the cards
  • Revised flow for the cards
  • Leotards for your first two followers
  • Straw hut abode type
  • New belief collection tunes
  • Event mission music
  • CPU optimisation
  • New buried ruins
  • God beams from shrines
  • Tutorial polish
  • Water clicking visual effects
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • And much more!

To accompany these changes Peter and Jack are back with another developer update video. Peter thanks everyone for their feedback so far, even the “angry” feedback.

GODUS has not exactly been a great gaming experience to date but it is improving, even if it is at a glacial pace.