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FPS Get Even on Steam Greenlight, gets VR support and “making of” video

3 Apr 2014 by Paul Younger
FPS Get Even on Steam Greenlight, gets VR support and “making of” videoGet Even

Get Even

The ambitious chaps at Farm 51 are working away on their new title a game which they hope will break the FPS mould.

Today they launched the game on Steam Greenlight as they look for more support from the gaming community before its released next year. Get Even is an interesting prospect as Farm 51 are attempting to do something a little different with their shooter as they want to “remove the artificial boundary between modes of single and multiplayer”. Some of the AI will be replaced with real players in the single player campaign mode and the story will be told through the gameplay and the rather lush looking environments.

A new video also shows they’re working on VR support with a quick segment showing the game being played with an Oculus Rift. They say that the VR support is not only an interface for the player but is actually part of the game mechanics with players being able to switch between realities in the game world. It’s a great idea and it will be interesting how they integrate this into FPS gameplay.

This video goes behind the scenes of Get Even‘s development with the team showing and explaining why Get Even is game we should be keeping a close eye on.

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