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Evolve PAX screens confirm game still about people shooting big beasts

14 Apr 2014 by Peter Parrish
Evolve PAX screens confirm game still about people shooting big beasts
evolve (5)

Looks like jetpacks are a thing, too.

’s is about a team of four humans duking it out with one of the larger pieces of planetary wildlife. These images from PAX East reinforce that fact by (mostly) showing a small squad of human people shooting at a big monster.

I guess the most interesting image from a mechanics point of view is the one listing the human class types as Medic, Hunter, Trapper and Assault, as well as showing a couple of the abilities that the player controlling the lone beast will have at their disposal. “Rock Throw” is pretty self-explanatory, but sounds fun. “Leap Smash” and “Charge” sound like they could mess up a particularly squishy human player as well.

The rest of these Evolve images have some other types of wildlife in them, including one that looks like it may have escaped from Amnesia: The Dark Descent. That looks to me like a suggestion that AI monsters will be in there, as well as the main human-controlled one.

Evolve is coming out later this year, some time between July and September (my money’s on the latter.)

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