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Death in Candlewood promises spooky open-world FPS

2 Apr 2014 by Tim McDonald
Death in Candlewood promises spooky open-world FPS

Death in Candlewood - 07

have pushed live their $60,000 Kickstarter for , an open-world FPS described as a “psychological action game” revolving around “a gothic romance between the living and the dead”. Considering the regular mentions of both Edgar Allen Poe and classic horror, you should probably expect a very specific kind of horror game.

Death in Candlewood puts you in the 1940s-era shoes of Dr. Ray Dune, a man who failed to save the wife of his mentor, Lester Caravan. Caravan began experimenting with reanimation as a result of this, and when Dune’s adopted son Rizzo mysteriously vanishes, Dune is forced to wander the mountainous town of Candlewood and battle inhuman monstrosities to save himself and his son “from the bloody machinations of a madman.”

There are a number of reasons why this sounds rather interesting. For one, it’s an open world: the claims six square kilometers of mountain ranges and four square kilometers of town, with over 1,000 buildings. For another, the team knows their stuff when it comes to horror and atmosphere, as Rosebud Games is composed of people who worked on Silent Hill, F.E.A.R., and The Witcher, and has had some design consultation from BioShock‘s Environment Lead Jay Kyburz, who is apparently rather impressed with how the game is shaping up. For a third, it’s not just a standard shooter; you should expect elements of stealth, exploration, driving, and a hefty focus on story and plot.

I’ve waffled a bit too much, so I’ll just say that you can check out the Kickstarter for more details, or have a gander at some early screenshots below. Kickstarter pledges range from an early bird $15 for the game, through to a $10,000 pledge that will let you design your own level. They’re after $60,000 total, with current stretch goals going up to $100,000 for Oculus Rift support.

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