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Arma 3’s Zeus DLC out now, offers you UNLIMITED POWER

10 Apr 2014 by Tim McDonald
Arma 3’s Zeus DLC out now, offers you UNLIMITED POWER


‘s Zeus DLC, giving you the chance to play gamesmaster in the game’s multiplayer mode, has been released for free.

The Zeus DLC basically lets you control an ongoing Arma 3 game on the fly. You get a nice bird’s-eye view of the action and can spawn units, or set objectives, or change the weather, or even play a nice bit of thematic music. You can create new challenges on the fly and give your players a rapidly varying and reactive game to play, and you can either do it on its “Game Master” scenarios or take control of Co-op, Team Deathmatch, or Sector Control modes to mix things up. And, naturally, you can also play Zeus on player-created scenarios.

Arma 3‘s Zeus DLC is out now and is totally free; if you’ve got Arma 3 on Zeus, the 770MB should start automatically. You can check out a trailer for it over here, or go “ooh” at some screenshots below.

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