Telltale “checking into” Walking Dead S2 Episode 2 Steam download issues

4 Mar 2014  by   Peter Parrish
walking dead season 2 house divided (2)
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walking dead season 2 house divided (1)

Clem looks forward to a delicious bite of zombie-on-a-stick.

If, like me, you’re still waiting and wondering when Episode 2 of The Walking Dead’s second season will start downloading on Steam, here’s Telltale’s take on the situation. Apparently they’re aware of certain “issues” with the distribution and say they’re “checking into it.” Might be worth restarting Steam every now and then to see if the 650mb download will jump into life.

Opting out of the latest Steam beta (if you’re in it) may also help, according to some anecdotal reports. [Update]: This worked for me, too.

The Telltale store version is said to be uploading to their servers “now,” so you can expect that one to be available pretty soon too.

I’ll be taking a look at Episode 2 (A House Divided) as soon as it shows up, so you can expect a review in the near future. If you missed my review of Episode 1, you can read that here.

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