Shelter 2 announced, stars OMIGOD KITTIES

31 Mar 2014 by Tim McDonald
Shelter 2 announced, stars OMIGOD KITTIES

Shelter 2 - 04

have announced , the sequel to last year’s badger simulator. Only this one doesn’t star badgers. It stars KITTIES.

More specifically, Shelter 2 puts you in control of a lynx mother. You begin the game pregnant and having to prepare your den for your litter, and once they’re born, it’s up to you to nurture them. The big differences between Shelter 2 and its predecessor are that Shelter 2 will take place in a huge open world rather than being a linear adventure, and that you’ll have to hunt to keep yourself and your cubs strong.

Which, uh… actually sounds a lot more game-y than the incredibly linear Shelter. Your den will serve as a central hub and safe haven which you can always return to, and from there, you can explore outwards pretty much wherever you like. You need to keep an eye on stamina, hunt different types of prey successfully, and – naturally – keep your cubs safe.

I quite liked the original Shelter (and it taught me two things: first, badger cubs are cute; second, birds of prey are gigantic arseholes) but this honestly sounds a lot more up my alley, and a lot more interesting and entertaining. Shelter 2 is due out this autumn. You can have a look at a teaser trailer and some concept art below.

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