Shadowrun Online jacks into Early Access

31 Mar 2014 by Peter Parrish
Shadowrun Online jacks into Early Access
shadowrun online

Even in the alternate future, sofas provide surprising amounts of useful cover.

Can you ever have enough Shadowrun games? That probably depends on whether they’re any good. is hoping to be one of the good ‘uns and to that end is sharing an early version of itself through Steam’s increasingly busy Early Access.

Those who pitched in for the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter (not to be confused with the Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter – that game is already out) at a certain level will be getting access to the version now on Steam, but anybody else wanting to sample it will have to pay $21.00 USD. That’s the price until 7 April, when it will go back up to $30.00 USD.

As it’s an Early Access game, it comes with the usual word of warning from the developers:

This is the most basic early access version – it contains a few missions and PvP, but no character creation, progression or anything else yet – this will all come in time. We want to make sure the basic combat gameplay works well before we pile more features on it.

What you get at the moment is a “small prequel” to what will end up as the turn-based, tactical RPG’s full campaign. It should give you a chance to see the main experience of moving your characters, handling combat and the like. More RPG-related matters like items and character creation will be added in as Shadowrun Online gets closer to a full release.

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