New Steam Controller design heads to GDC and still looks like an owl

14 Mar 2014  by   Paul Younger
New Steam Controller design heads to GDC and still looks like an owlsteam controller

steam controller

If you’ve been following the Steam Machine and Steam controller news for the past few months then you’ll know that Valve has been iterating on their designs for the controller. Back in January they decided that PC gamers just don’t need a touch screen so the idea was shelved.

Next week at GDC Valve are set to reveal their latest revision of the device which now includes two diamond-patterned button layouts where the touch screen once was. The picture above shows the new prototype on the left.

The pads still function as they did previously so there’s no change there with the design.¬†It was probably a wise move to add the buttons and ditch the touch screen to make better use of the small amount of space available.

While the pad is nicely designed with its owl-like pads, it’s still not going to be a real substitute for the good old tried and tested keyboard and mouse combo PC gamers are used to. Still, if you like controllers this is looking quite sharp now.

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