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Murdered: Soul Suspect will show up in June

4 Mar 2014 by Peter Parrish
Murdered: Soul Suspect will show up in June
murdered soul suspect

The afterlife offers wonderful opportunities for making new friends.

has been given release dates of 3 June (US) and 6 June (Europe and PAL territories) by . This is the title, you may recall, inspired by the premise “what if John McClane had died half-way through Die Hard?” which is one hell of a starting point.

That doesn’t mean it’s a game about haunting Alan Rickman in a tower block, though (mores the pity.) Instead, you are a Salem police detective Ronan O’Connor who finds himself the victim of a murder. So that means you’re now a ghost, complete with handy ghost powers. Honestly, the best way to see how this plays is probably to watch one of the prior gameplay videos that Airtight has released. Try this one for a decent idea of what Murdered: Soul Suspect is about.

You can’t handle any physical evidence, but you can influence other people with your supernatural powers as you attempt to solve your own slaying. If nothing else, it sounds pretty unusual. Ghost Trick did kind of a similar thing, but other than that I can’t think of too many supernatural adventure titles where you play a ghost.

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