Guild Wars 2 is being enhanced with a “Feature Pack” next month

20 Mar 2014 by Paul Younger
Guild Wars 2 is being enhanced with a “Feature Pack” next monthGuild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

The ArenaNet team has been busy concentrating on fortnightly content for but that’s not all that’s been going on because the game will be recieving new feature additions next month.

Called the Feature Pack, the game update is going to add a “sweeping range of new features”. NOt everything has been revealed so far but we do have a few nuggets of information. To get things started they have revealed that 40 new traits are being added along with a new “horizontal progression system” to make it easier to spend points and select traits.

There will no longer be a requirement to visit a professions trainer, once you reach a certain level you an start playing around with the adept, master, and grandmaster trait tiers.

It’s quite an extensive list of changes for the Traits and I suggest you check out the full blog post  from the development team.

Guild Wars 2

There’s a lot planned according to ArenaNet  and more information will be trickling out in the days ahead.

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