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Godus beta update massively changes game, fixes problems

12 Mar 2014 by Tim McDonald
Godus beta update massively changes game, fixes problems

godus - beautify

have been quiet while they’ve been beavering away at . Now, they’ve broken silence and released a major update for the god game.

Basically, they got loads of feedback from the initial Early Access build, and most of it indicated that the foundations of Godus were shaky. While they still released a few smaller updates, they took their time to get back into the guts of the game and change it to address the received feedback. Now, they reckon that their changes are ready for the general public, and they’ve released their “top 10 general improvements” to point out what’s new and different.

First up, interfacing with the world has changed, and there’s a lot less clicking; holding and dragging is enough to interact with trees, rocks, and belief.

Second: sculpting terrain has been vastly improved and made more accurate. Again, there’s no repeated clicking, and and you can “move further and with more control.”

Third: you have THE LEASH, which gives you more control over moving followers than the previous Totem power. Hold onto any number of followers then drag to a destination and they’ll wander over there.

Fourth: the card system has been completely redesigned. You “find cards across a timeline” and use stickers found in the world to unlock them. You choose which cards you want to unlock, so over time, your civilisation will begin to differ greatly from other players’ civilisations.

Fifth: the GUI has changed, and will apparently be “more intuitive and beautiful.”

Sixth: there’s a Voyages of Discovery game mode, which has you guide your followers across uncharted lands against the clock, with rewards for successful voyages.

Seventh: the Homeworld has been redesigned.

Eighth: you’ve got new God Powers like the fire-quenching/tree-beautifying Rain of Purity power, and the tree-planting God Seed power.

Ninth: followers are more individual, more intelligent, and more reactive to the world.

Tenth: loads of stuff has been redesigned, fixed, and tweaked. Which doesn’t really seem like something that belongs in a “top ten” list, but there you go.

As far as I can tell, the new Godus build is out now and should automatically download on Steam.

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