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DayZ lag/desync being fixed. Controls getting “complete replacement”

21 Mar 2014  by   Paul Younger
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The DayZ team are still working on getting a new build up to the stable servers but it sounds like there’s some progress being made.

This evening Dean Hall says that the source of “crippling lag and desync issues appears to have been found” and that they’ve pushed a build onto the experimental servers to see how how serious it is. Dean says that with this hotfix they have been “unable to reproduce the serious lag/desync” so they are wanting players to try it our and provide feedback.

“The lag issue with 0.42 relates to size of UDP packets exceeding what can be handled. We are isolating which message causing this to fix it”

With any luck a fix will be pushed to the live servers tomorrow (Saturday).

In other news, mouse acceleration and control has been an issue for players and they are now “actively” looking at fixing this once and for all. The team has decided to go back to the drawing board. Dean added:

“Some small fixes made it into the latest build. but we have decided to redo mouse control from scratch as a high priority”

DayZ is a funny beast, as a player is feels like your taking two steps forward then one step back as the development progresses. Now that that the number of developers assigned to the project has increased these bug fixes will hopefully not delay the release of new content such as the much talked about survival features and the requested vehicles.

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  1. Sorrythisisprivate

    The mouse acceleration issue has gotten worse with the performance increases because the mouse speed has been tied to frames-per-second. The wonky controls and mouse acceleration in particular has been really bad. I’m excited to play the finished and polished product but I don’t understand why DayZ is selling so extremely well on Steam since it’s such a buggy and wonky game and the DayZ mod is more polished.

    March 22, 2014 at 4:45 am
    1. +1

      Well at least they know it’s a problem and they are finally trying to sort it. Still, it seems a pretty important thing not to attend to after the feedback.

      March 22, 2014 at 7:38 am

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