Valve’s Free to Play DOTA 2 eSports movie releases next month

19 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Valve’s Free to Play DOTA 2 eSports movie releases next monthdota 2

dota 2

Valve are set to release their documentary movie called Free to Play on 19 March. The film follows three pro DOTA 2 gamers on their gaming escapades.

Three different gamers are the subject of the film, one from the US, Europe and Asia. There’s probably more to becoming a pro DOTA 2 player other than simply playing shit-loads of DOTA 2 and hopefully this film will explain exactly what goes on behind the scenes for those outside the pro-gaming and eSports scene. Names such as Dendi, Hyhy and Fear are not exactly household names but they are massively committed to their chosen profession.

The movie has been produced by Valve so you can expect it to be telling everyone how exciting and wonderful DOTA 2 is. I’m not sure it will appeal to anyone who’s not interested in competitive gaming, which let’s face it is not really a “sport”, but it could turn out to be interesting.

Now all we need to do is get Tim to watch this,  increase his DOTA 2 play time and he can earn us all the big bucks.

Hopefully Valve can now stop messing about with movies and get Half Life 3 done.

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