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Titanfall beta opening to anyone who wants in sometime soon

16 Feb 2014 by Tim McDonald
Titanfall beta opening to anyone who wants in sometime soon


If you weren’t lucky enough to get a beta code, fear not: according to Vince Zampella, there’s every chance the beta will open up to absolutely everybody very soon.

Let’s quote his Twitter feed, shall we?

Which makes it sound very much like both the Xbox One and PC betas of Titanfall will open up to anybody who wants in, in very quick succession. Hurrah! Although if you were hoping for a smooth experience then this, uh, might actually make it quite the opposite. Zampella is also tweeting the occasional code for the beta, though, so if you’re very lucky you might be able to spot one on his Twitter feed and type it into Origin before anyone else.

We’ve been playing the beta (PC, of course) and are rather impressed with what we’ve seen so far. We’ll doubtless have some impressions, and quite possibly a video of us doing horribly, sometime next week. On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who’s going “Pfft, beta” then bear in mind that the full game is due out on 11 March.

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