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Starbound releases Hotfix 4 for Enraged Koala, stops container deletion

21 Feb 2014 by Peter Parrish
Starbound releases Hotfix 4 for Enraged Koala, stops container deletion
Starbound more -  31

You don’t want to lose all this stuff, do you?

Been having trouble with your containers and shiplockers? The developers were well aware, which is why Hotfix 4 for the brilliantly named ‘’ build of the game should put a stop to vanishing storage devices.

According to the dev team, “This hotfix addresses the issues with deleting containers in world.  It also introduces an auto-backup on upconverting files from old versions, as well as a unix log style rotating backup.”

The bad news is that any containers you already lost are probably lost for good. Unless you have a backup handy, “The data is gone and we cannot retrieve it.”

Also, if you find your ship’s locker or fuel hatch missing (not too helpful,) then you’ll apparently need to delete your .shipworld file.

Other fixes included in this patch are listed as follows:

We addressed an entire class of incomplete/interrupted connection bugs by being more strict about data reads.

We fixed the drop item chain dropping stuff bug.  Fixed home planet functionality.  Fixed confusion around error messages during dungeon generation.  Fixed crash issues related to shipworlds being reset. And fixed some issues where some Variants compared incorrectly leading to some unexpected behavior.

Finally, for you modders, there is a new vlist() lua function to complement the vmap(), also because of ambiguity with moving data to and from C++ we recommend using the vlist and vmap types for consistency, but if you pass in a regular table we almost always do “the right thing.”

Not sure what the heck Starbound is or whether it’s for you? Tim’s preview may help you decide.

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