Risen 3: Titan Lords in development at Piranha Bytes

25 Feb 2014 by Peter Parrish
Risen 3: Titan Lords in development at Piranha Bytes
risen 3 (4)

Swords and yelling, confirmed.

According to a tie-in article trailing a pcgames.de cover piece, is in the process of developing . While Risen 2: Dark Waters had a distinctly piratical flair, this one looks and sounds a little more traditional fantasy in its themes.

There isn’t a great deal to go on beyond the announcement that, yes, Risen 3 exists and is being made. Platforms haven’t even been revealed, but the PC is a given since it’s appearing in a PC magazine and it’s a Risen game.

A google translation of the original German suggests Risen 3 is aiming to be a “dark fantasy role-playing game of epic proportions” and when “compared to Risen 2 everything changes.” So no pet parrots you can send to attack people, then? That’s a shame.

Tim didn’t exactly adore Risen 2, but didn’t mind it either. It got a 6/10 from him back in 2012.

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