Outlast Whistleblower DLC takes you back to the asylum in April

26 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Outlast Whistleblower DLC takes you back to the asylum in Apriloutlast


Red Barrels are not done with making you crap your pants in as the game’s Whistleblower DLC has now been given a release date.

This April players will take on the role of computer engineer Waylon Park, the man responsible for telling the outside world about the creepy Mount Massive asylum. Waylon watched the profiteering scientists carry our their nasty experiments on patients sympathising with their plight and enough was enough, something had to be done.  I bet it was his mess splattered all over the security station in the first game. Should have kept his trap shut.

This DLC is a prequel to the events of the original Outlast but Red Barrels say that the DLC will also go beyond the story of the original game showing the final chapter in the asylum’s tale.

Expect more stuff to jump out the shadows, stalk you and generally give you the complete fear. Playing in the dark with nobody else in the house is also a requirement.

We’re making sure that Tim will one again be the man to enter the asylum, it was entertaining watching him leap out his skin in his video series. We’ve not told him yet but he knows now.

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