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Next Car Game includes mental new track and a new car

21 Feb 2014 by Paul Younger
Next Car Game includes mental new track and a new carnext car game

next car game

Bugbear’s Early Access smash-em-up racer has received an update which is now live through Steam.

New content has been added to the game this week and anyone who loves to smash the crap our of cars will be pleased to see the addition of the Figure 8 race track. This tricky course has the cars crossing over at the midpoint which causes some mental pile-ups.

Also added is the new American Sedan Car which is a boxy looking little number and there’s also new weather on the tracks and vehicle upgrades. A cinematic camera has also been added so players can snap shots of the action and capture so great looking smash-em up moments.

As far as the game is concerned, it’s been tweaked again with a change to steering ratio which should make the car a little easier to control but may feel more sluggish according to the devs. They are still discussing how best to handle this.

New tracks are still being planned and we’ll hopefully hear more about those soon.

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